How do I order a CoolCabana?

You can easily order from our website by clicking on the Shop button at the top of home page or by clicking Order Now in the middle of home page.

  • If an item in your order is in stock, and ordered before 6pm, it can be delivered the same day to Margate, Ventnor, or Longport. Other areas available upon request. Payment can be made via the Venmo link or CASH  upon delivery. You will receive an order confirmation via email. You will also receive a text message confirming your delivery time preference.

  • If an item in your order is awaiting fulfillment from manufacturer, it will show the expected arrival date. Because of high demand and limited inventory, we request Pre-Orders to pay via the Venmo link so we can reserve the items from our inventory for you as soon as we receive them. You will receive an order confirmation via email. Once we receive the items, they will be pulled from inventory and you will be notified via text message to confirm delivery time preference.

Are the CoolCabanas you offer for sale or for rent?

We currently are only selling CoolCabanas.

Are the CoolCabanas new or used?

All CoolCabanas offered for sale are brand new direct from the manufacturer.

What if there is a problem with my CoolCabana?

If you purchased your CoolCabana directly from Coastal Cabanas, we will contact the manufacturer directly on your behalf for a resolution. Please email sales@coastalcabanas with the following information:

  • Name

  • Address

  • Phone

  • Date of Purchase

  • Model/Style of Item

  • Description of Issue

  • Picture of Item showing Issue

Does Coastal Cabanas charge for delivery?

Coastal Cabanas offers Free Same Day Delivery to  your home in Margate, Ventnor, & Longport. We can also deliver to Ocean City or Brigantine for an additional $10 fee. If you are located in another South Jersey location, please call/text 609-232-2470 to inquire about delivery options for your area.

Will you be adding additional beach products to your lineup?

Our team is currently evaluating additional beach products that will soon be added to our lineup. Our mission is to bring the  personal touch of an in-store specialty shopping experience to customers online through the thoughtful guidance of beach product experts that research, test, and evaluate all of the products before they are ever available on our site. In other words, when we add a beach chair or beach cart to our lineup it will be the best product available in that category. This will save you the time and stress of figuring out what to buy. It also means our products make great gifts, since our products are evaluated based on product design, form, function, and value.

If you have a particular beach product category you would like to see, please email and we will look into.

What is the difference between the medium and large CoolCabanas?

There is a slight difference in size between the two models. In the photo you can see the slight difference. The Navy Stripes is a Large and the other two are Mediums. 

CoolCabanas 5 Size M

OPEN : 2.82m (9' 4") measured diagonally, 1.80m (6') to roof peak, 1.55m (5') to roof edge.

CLOSED : 37 x 5 x 5"

WEIGHT : 5kgs (11lbs) including bag.

CoolCabanas 5 Size L

OPEN : 3.4m (11' 2") measured diagonally, 1.80m (6'0") to roof peak, 1.6m (5'5") to roof edge.

CLOSED : 45"x5"x5"

WEIGHT : 12lbs including bag.